Ever since the Gutenberg Press was invented there have been printed pamphlets. These pamphlets were usually handed out to people one-by-one as they passed by on the street. They were used by politicians, merchants and religious groups and, in fact, by any individual or group who wanted to reach other people at the "grass roots" level. Pamphlets have helped to fill the gap between the spoken word and a whole book on a topic.

For several years as a counsellor and hypnotherapist I have used hand pamphlets and now I am very excited about using e-pamphlets to easily and quickly disseminate and broadcast information to thousands of people on psychological concepts and healing techniques. They can copy and carry these pamphlets with them and refer to them during their day-to-day affairs. Also they can send them to a friend very easily.

I hope that you find my e-pamphlets useful and helpful in your navigation through your life and through your daily joys and struggles.


wrestling with our demons and angels
For the Ancient Greeks it was important to take personal ownership of all the emotions, entities and Spiritual energies that we carry in our daily lives. That included the “dark forces” and destructive energies as well as the gentle and angelic entities and all the different archetypes in between those two poles.


couples counselling Ottawa
One of the first things I say to couples who come to my relationships practice is that a good coupling is one of the best rewards in our lives and a bad coupling is one of the worst dilemmas in our lives. Two people can be excellent partners without being a couple.

EMOTIONAL GENIUS: The Greening of Consciousness

Many cultures and persons extol the importance of a high intelligence quotient (IQ). Very little focus or attention is directed to the equally important quality of emotional quotient (EQ). A person who has a very high ability to access, “juggle”, and appropriately articulate the array of emotions that present themselves continuously is truly an “emotional Continue Reading

Wholistic Healing Re-Treats

Holistic Retreats
I constantly strive to be at the leading edge in the fields that I practise (counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy) and one of the ways that I do this is to take seminars and experiential workshops at wholistic learning, healing and re-treat centres in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Over the years, I have stayed at Continue Reading