Many people find that “talking therapy” has severe limits. They sense that there is something that could heal them that is beyond words and logic. To a large degree the “talking therapies” are concerned with “helping people”. Hypnotherapy, which is experiential, is based on empowerment rather than helping. In a sense the clients do all the growth and learning by themselves and the hypnotherapist’s job is to keep out of the client’s way…Read more


Sample Session

Welcome to the relaxing world of hypnotherapy!
The average person’s perceptions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy are usually formed by what they see on television and by magician’s tricks and illusions…Read more



What is Hypnosis?

It is a natural, relaxed and focused state of attention characterized by: Increased muscle relaxation…
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This picture of the man at the bars is very funny to most people because they can see themselves doing this throughout much of their lives. The answer is right before their very eyes and yet they don’t see it because they are so pre-occupied with their emotions, fantasies, belief systems, etc.