Professional Counselling Services

Richard earned his Ph.D. in Counselling Therapy (with a double major in Counselling and Mediation) in 1991. He had previously earned his Master’s Degree in Counselling from Antioch University at Harvard University in 1981. His experience spans the social services, business, government and education. He has worked in the field of Counselling for 35 years and in private practice as a Counsellor and Mediator for 20 years.

Interpersonal Relations:

Individual Counselling:

Relationships counselling Stress counselling
Inter – generational conflicts Career counselling
Pre – marital counselling Bereavement counselling
Marriage counselling Anger management
Marital enhancement counselling Chronic illness counselling
Marital sexual counselling Self esteem enhancement
Family counselling Assertiveness training
Step family counselling Sexual dysfunction
Separation counselling Depression counselling
Pre – mediation counselling Anxiety counselling
Legal – financial conflicts Abuse counselling
Custody conflicts Adolescent counselling
Short and long – term counselling Assessment and Consultation
Cognitive – Behaviour Therapy Psychodynamic counselling
Jungian Analytic Counselling Ericksonian Hypnosis


Official receipts are provided for insurance purposes.

Richard’s counselling fees for clients not covered by health insurance plans are on a sliding fee scale geared to income.

Whenever a client is seriously disordered and/or seriously socially impaired, they are referred to an appropriate psychotherapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.