Re-treating yourself to yourself with hypnotherapy

Immersing and emerging with supra-consciousness


To “re-pair” yourself it is very empowering to “pre-pair” yourself by re-treating your self to your self. Incredible healing is possible when you are in a deeply relaxed state. The best way to do this is to totally unplug from your busy, modern lifestyle. You “carve out” a “hermit spot” in your psyche and in this space you totally recharge your batteries.

Whether you maintain this supra-conscious state for one minute, one hour, one day or one week, you can garner many benefits from it.

Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson asks the question, ” Would you be willing to consider that you can remain in this state virtually all of the time?”

Another way of saying this is: “Re-member to re-member to stay supra-conscious.” In this state, the body, the mind and the spirit are all one.

When you are immersing yourself into this state, the factors that must be considered and carefully architectured into the process are your mood, your mindset (projections, expectations, etc.), the physical setting, the other person(s) present and the topics or activities to be experienced or encountered.

If you choose to journey into a prolonged re-treat for several days or more, the following are some suggestions that you can use for your “re-treat preparation”. Note that they are quite reminiscent of the state of being of a very young, unspoiled baby (supra-consciousness is a balanced blend of simple consciousness and self-consciousness).

I am re-treating myself to myself by immersing myself into the following:

  • Just pure be-ing.
  • Be-ing free-spirited.
  • Be-ing each feeling…in each moment.
  • The present tense only.
  • Outside of time. No clocks.
  • Be-ing immersed in Love.
  • Having lots of fun.
  • Be-ing nearly invisible to others.
  • As little human contact as possible.
  • No contact with family and friends.
  • As little talking as possible.
  • Long comfortable silences.
  • Tons and tons of rest and naps.
  • Only limited amounts of good food.
  • No alcohol. No coffee. Little sugar.
  • Lots of exercise. Many long walks.
  • No business. No work. No bills.
  • No doorbell. No mail. No e-mail.
  • No phones. No messages.
  • No news. No newspapers.
  • No media. No television. No radio.
  • No computer. No stock market.
  • No noisy appliances.
  • Little driving. No speeding.
  • Instrumental music only.
  • Frequent meditation.

For many people, it is quite a challenge to carve out a week or more to love themselves at this deep, rich and re-energizing level. The following plan can be used in a consciously pre-scheduled three-day time span…on an extended weekend, on a long weekend or on the three days, including the day before and the day after a hypnotherapy session.

  • a. The Day Before (Immersion)
    1. Adhere, as much as possible, to the “re-treat preparation” list.
    2. Avoid challenging people, places and events.
    3. Avoid all situations of conflict. Put them “on hold” until later.
    4. Get a good night’s sleep the night before and preferably the previous night too.
  • b. The Day of Hypnotherapy (Total Immersion)
    1. STRICTLY adhere to the “re-treat preparation” list.
    2. Suggestions for the hypnotherapy session itself:
      • Leave work early and “unwind” as much as possible.
      • Go to the bathroom just before the session begins.
      • Consider the hypnotherapist’s suggestions as guidelines only.
      • Adjust the hypnotherapy room to make it comfortable for you.
      • Adjust your body to be as comfortable as possible.
      • Breathe diaphragmatically as much as possible.
      • Incorporate any noises or movements from the “outside”.
      • Attempt to transcend thinking and, if you can’t, incorporate it.
      • Have your cheque or payment method completed as much as possible before the session, so that it is not on your mind.
  • c. The Day After (Emergence)
    1. Adhere, as much as possible, to the “re-treat preparation” list.
    2. Plan the day as an “easy day”. Slowly re-integrate into your regular pace.
    3. Synthesize rather than analyze your hypnotherapy experience.
    4. Focus on optimism and fruition. Re-member to re-member…….