FAQs about Hypnosis

FAQs About Hypnosis

When it comes to hypnosis, many people are skeptical as to whether it’s real or not. And the truth is that hypnosis does work and it can be extremely effective and useful for many things. But most commonly, it is used as an alternative medicine. For centuries, the power of hypnosis has helped millions of people overcome issues related to pain, stress, negative behaviours, as well as addiction. If you have considered undergoing this treatment, check out these quick FAQs about hypnosis and how it can benefit you.



What is Hypnosis?

When you become hypnotized you enter into a trance-like, relaxed state where you can maintain a focused state of attention.

Is it Easy to be Hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized if they can focus their attention and have the desire to enter a hypnotized state. It requires you to relax and allow yourself to listen and follow the hypnotist. Those who do not want to be hypnotized will have difficulties submitting to the supra-conscious state.

What Does Hypnotherapy Do?

At hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist can help you make physical and mental health changes through suggestions. Hypnosis has the power to change behaviours such as smoking, over-eating, intense fears, bed-wetting, anxiety, and stress.

What Does it Feel Like?

When you’re hypnotized, your limbs will feel heavier and a little numb. You may also experience light twitches as your body begins to relax deeply. It can feel similar to when you wake up in the middle of the night but are not fully awake yet.

Will I know if I Am Hypnotized?

As you will be drowsy and lethargic, you will not fully remember parts of the session. It is very similar to when people get an anesthetic at the dentist to have their teeth removed.

Will The Hypnotist Have Power Over Me?

No, when you are hypnotized you are still participating in the ability of your full mind. You will have the ability to accept new ideas and suggestions, but only if you want to.

Is it Dangerous?

No one has been hurt with hypnosis. It’s been approved as a safe practice with no side effects that could cause harm to you during or after the process.

What Happens During The Session?

As part of your initial consultation, the hypnotherapist will ask you about what issues you are trying to address. You will then be asked to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. The therapist will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Then the therapist will make new suggestions to you while you’re in a hypnotized state of mind. The goal is to place new thoughts into your mind, like “planting a seed.” The therapist will then wake you out of the deeply relaxed state. And once complete, if you welcome the changes to occur, you will start to believe and experience them through the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people solve many challenging problems and behaviors. If it’s time for you to try hypnosis, contact us at Ottawa Counselling for more information or to get started.